Jed Allen Freels Hosts the Scientific Web show
With a passion for science Jed has set out to release free science information to anyone who needs it.  Teacher or student you can check out some great scientific principles on Freels Science Quest.  These 3-5 minute films are great for introductory bell ringers or just to use as a virtual field trip.  All Science Quest Videos are free on You Tube.  Just search for 
Nashville Recording Artist
Solo Album “ The Spirit Will Ride On”
Solo Album  “ A Camp Meetin”
Radio Singles “ A circle of Love”
Director & founder   Auburn Actors Theater
Over 100 +  Stage Rolls
Screen Play  “Reaching Tomorrow’s Sunrise”
TV Credits with The Disney Channel, Discovery Channel and Local Cable
HASTI  Speaker
NYC  National Youth Conference Presenter
NMSA  Presenter & Speaker
100’s of Keynotes and presentations
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and much, much, much more.
Jed’s vast interests have led him in many directions.  In each place that he goes and  in each project that he decides to take on he has one goal in mind and that is to make a difference!  Whatever the event, what ever the mission Jed’s one goal is to make a positive impact.  Jed truly believes that some day when we leave this place it is what we leave behind that will be the most important and that’s the way he lives his life.
Arecibo Radio Telescope
Rain Forest Treehouses
Mangrove search for
the Lionfish.
Ancient Temples
Life of
Star Fish
Life on the Reef.